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Application Timeframe:

Oct. 1, 2023 - applications open

Nov. 30, 2023 - applications close

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$5,000 UConn Grant Supports Connecticut Teachers

The Rogers Educational Innovation Fund, designated by Neag School of Education Professor Emeritus Vincent Rogers and his late wife, Chris Rogers, a lifelong teacher, provides a $5,000 award available annually in support of innovative projects carried out by teachers in Connecticut.

Teachers in Connecticut at the elementary and middle school levels are invited to apply. Award winners will receive a grant of approximately $5,000 for the academic year with few restrictions on how the grant may be used. This gift is intended to support and expand the innovative, collaborative work of Connecticut’s classroom teachers and the Neag School of Education.

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For more information, please contact:

Marcy Jarzabek
Director of Development,
Neag School of Education